California Figs
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In a recent National Public Radio interview, Julie O’Hara, a freelance writer and recipe developer, noted, " Professional pastry chefs know that the fig, alone and unembellished, has it all. I doubt that even a think tank of the world’s most gifted culinary minds could find a way to improve upon a fresh fig in flavor, texture or appearance." That just about says it all about California Fresh Figs!

Even though plain and fresh go a long way, attracting and satisfying foodservice customers is a constant and continuing challenge to any foodservice operation. Because fresh figs are fragile and extremely perishable, and the harvest season is fairly short, they are one of those foods uniquely fitted to enhancing seasonal menus.


Serve them fresh or poached or chopped and added to a bowl of cereal, hot or cold.
Slice or halve and grill to serve with ham and eggs.
Combine yogurt for a sensational smoothie.
Bake into orange-flavored muffins — chop or tuck a small whole fig in the middle for a pleasant surprise.


Combine with herbs and olive oil from the fig’s Mediterranean homeland and serve along with a ham and cheese panini.

Slice and pair with salty or peppery cheeses for a tantalizing cheese plate.
Quarter and toss with grilled, sliced chicken breast and arugula for a summer salad.

Drizzle with honey and grill on pork kebabs.


For a first course sure to attract all your customers, divide figs in half and top with tangy goat cheese and nuts.

Divide Fresh Figs in half, drizzle with olive oil and grill to serve with chicken or fish.
Combine fresh figs and onions with rosemary to braise with duck, venison or lamb.
Feature the elegance of a fig tartlet as the signature dessert for the season.
Poach in wine or tea, chill and serve topped with sour cream for the simplest dessert.

Foodservice FAQ

Where can I use California Fresh Figs on my foodservice menu?

Traditionally, fresh figs have been used in pastries and tarts, chutneys, jams and conserves, but they are like most any other seasonal fresh fruit and have a place in savory preparations, in salads, and many simple dessert preparations, too.

Would California Fresh Figs help me cope with the economic slowdown?

Because figs are rarely seen in the fresh state in the United States and have a very short harvest season, they have become the darlings of the produce industry and certainly have a place in attracting new and frequent customers to foodservice facilities of all kinds.

Where can I order California Fresh Figs?

There are a number of distributors who can deliver California Fresh Figs all around the world, just click here to access that list, and book your orders early.

When are Fresh Figs available from California?

Different varieties of California Fresh Figs are available from May to December.
Click here for more about fresh figs and when each variety will be available.

Why would I want to add California Fresh Figs to my offerings?

California Fresh Figs appeal to many traditional and ethnic groups and to the young and adventurous customers, too. With several varieties available, their unique appeal can bring excitement to your menu throughout the season.